CloudTech Software is a leading provider of business software solutions headquartered in India. With its ambitious plans, CloudTech Software has diversified into niche sectors of Cloud Consulting Services, SmartPhone Applications Development, Enterprise Applications, Web Applications and Data Integration Services. Decades of expertise in the areas of technology based solutions, for customers in the healthcare, financial, educational and engineering disciplines, has enabled our specialization.

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CloudTech Software has been founded by technical and highly experienced professionals. Having a strong leadership, they are deeply committed to the mission and values of the organization and are directly involved in key aspects of the business. These include working directly with major customers, growing both the software and services areas, utilizing world-class and offshore talents to deliver values to our customers. The founders have 18+ year's experience in the USA, working for clients such as Careington International, CitiBank, Verizon, ABB, Duke University, Texas A&M, etc. and various other Dotcoms, eCommerce and startup companies.